Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


1. Algorithms and Programming Techniques for Big Data Analysis Processing
2. Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Analysis Search
3. Anomaly Detection in Very Large Scale Systems
4. Big Data Analysis Analytics and Metrics
5. Big Data Analysis Architectures
6. Big Data Analysis Economics
7. Big Data Analysis Encryption
8. Big Data Analysis for Business Model Innovation
9. Big Data Analysis for Enterprise, Government and Society
10. Big Data Analysis in Enterprise Management Models and Practices
11. Big Data Analysis in Government Management Models and Practices
12. Big Data Analysis in Mobile and Pervasive Computing
13. Big Data Analysis Management
14. Big Data Analysis Search and Mining
15. Cloud computing and semantic web technologies
16. Cloud Computing Techniques for Big Data Analysis
17. Cloud Solution Design Patterns
18. Cloud for Enterprise Business Transformation
19. Cloud Application Architectures
20. Cloud Application Scalability and Availability
21. Cloud Applications Performance and Monitoring
22. Cloud Economics
23. Cloud Middleware Frameworks
24. Cloud Quality and Performance
25. Cloud Optimization and Automation
26. Cloud Resource Virtualization and Composition
27. Cloud Management and Operations
28. Cloud Quality and Performance
29. Cloud Optimization and Automation
30. Cloud Resource Virtualization and Composition
31. Cloud Management and Operations
32. Collaborative Threat Detection using Big Data Analysis Analytics
33. Intelligent Data Processing
34. Interface and control systems
35. Large-scale Social Media and Recommendation Systems
36. Management Issues of Social Network Big Data Analysis
37. Mobility management
38. Models and Languages for Big Data Analysis Protection
39. Networks and Communications
40. Privacy Preserving Big Data Analysis Analytics
41. Representation Formats for Multimedia Big Data Analysis